Friday, March 04, 2011

iPad 2 Hands-On Videos From BoingBoing


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2)National Geographic and FaceTime App

3)FaceTime Close Up

4)GarageBand Digital Guitar and Piano

5)3D Rome

6)jQuery Gallery Javascript Test

ASUS Wavi Xtion (Kinect Clone) at CeBIT 2011

robuFAST, All-Terrain Mobile Robot

hRobot v0.1 - Arduino Controlled Robot with an Ultrasonic Rangefinder hRobot v0.1 - Arduino Controlled Robot with a Ultrasonic Rangefinder

Predator - DIY Robotic Face Recognition WebCam (Italian Audio and Text)

HomeBuilt Crossbow made out of Wood, Aluminum, a Part of an Umbrela and a Shoelace.

Motor with 12 Inch Kids Bike Wheel Flywheel

DIY Robot Arm Picking Up Small Blocks Of Wood

Guitar FX Made with dsPIC33 Microcontroller

DIY CNC Reversed Clock

Homemade Electronic Drum Kit

Interactive Whiteboard (hacked (IR) webcam, DIY IR Pen & Embedded software in C++)