Monday, November 29, 2010

Jem Melts Rock Using Sunshine - Bang Goes The Theory

PVC Pipe Instrument 2.0 (inspired by the Blue Man Group, at the Del Rey South Talent Show at LMU.)

Innovative Bikes

Strida Folding Bicycle

A-Bike Folding Bicycle

Pacific IF Mode Folding Bicycle

Dreamslide The Saddleless Bike

Kinect Hacks of the Day

Preview: Kinect Pin-Board

Liquid Test with Kinect

DepthJS Kinect
(DepthJS is a web browser extension that allows any any web page to interact with the Microsoft Kinect via Javascript.)

Kinect Point Cloud Viewer in 3D

Homemade MAYHEM

Homemade Air Rifle

Rubber Band Hand Gun {Mk1pistol-5shots} (Video Text In Japanese)

SelfMade Bamboo Bow

EZ-B Robot: Vision Color Tracking

Create a directional radar from satellite dish LNB's

How To Make a Kinematic Mirror Mount

Touchscreen Laptop Using A Wiimote

KORG Monotron Analogue Ribbon Synthesizer

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kinect Hacks of the Day

First test of merging 3D video streams from two Kinect cameras into a single 3D reconstruction

Kinect + TV = Touch Tv!


DIY Whiteboard using a macbook, wiimote whiteboard, a diy infrared pen and a projector

World's smallest R/C snowblower Test

DIY Alarmsystem V2 with Touchscreen

Atari Punk Console + MiniKP

iPod touch 4g video stabilizer

Homemade Sandblasting Chamber

K'Nex Automatic Tank

Snail Tape Measure - Meter Crawlers

Electric Bike / Scooter With Solar Panels

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lunar Bling, Bling (NASA and Goodyear's Spring Tires)

Kinect Hacks of the Day

Kinect Windows 7 Mouse Control V2 Demo

Kinect used to control spot light on a stage

Kinect to GarageBand

Home Made MAYHEM

Insane Handheld Hybrid Spud Cannon

Hydrochloric acid bomb

How to Make: Newspaper Smoke Bombs

Towards an Assistive Robot that Autonomously Performs Bed Baths for Patient Hygiene

Making a shim with a beer can and DIY CNC

Cheap Charge Controller, 115 VAC, NO Battery

High Speed Photography 101 by Pennywhistle Productions

Remote Control Snow Blower - Blizzarator

Electric Snowblower

Jet Powered Snow Blower

Snow Blower Air Jet Shovel

Friday, November 26, 2010

Star Wars Interactive Astromech R2-D2 In Action! Tutorial/Program

Raptor Outfit

Sparky Wants A Burger

Scorpion robot with Arduino motion test

"Ruber" MK2 - Home Made Slingshot Pistol

Modding MicrowavePC

Kinect Hacks of the Day

Kinect as a Nintendo controller on the PC

"Standard Gravity" - OpenKinect (libfreenect/python)

Kinect's Burning Man

DIY Guide for A Smoke Bomb

Nintendo Controller on Nokia N900

How to Make an Alcohol Stove with 3 Aluminum Cans

Homemade Brushless Micro motor weight 0.1g thrust 0,5g

Poga Games




Panorama + 3D

Star Trek-like Home Computer

Birl Prototype - Fingerings

Magtap: harvesting electricity from a magnet

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kramnik - Chess Playing Robot (Audio in Russian)

Cosmos S extreme Mods+i7 920 @ 4.2 ghz

Biobriquettes from mix of hardwood and softwood - for woodstoves, boilers and garden grills

And a Homemade Version of a Briquettes Press

Kinect Hacks of the Day

Illuminous Particles Hack

Play Classical Chinese Music on Kinect (使用Kinect彈奏中國古代音樂)

Tracking on arbitrary planes with Kinect

MarineLand habitat and RAY The Undersea Robot

AR.Drone AR tag following

Low cost object following robot with IR detection.

Amazing POV display

9v Battery Powered Ad-Hoc Router

Robotino Project Mechwart (Video in Hungarian)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

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