Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lights of Nazareth - Aggie War Hymn

Meet Opera 11

DIY Weed Eater Motor Bicycle

Homebuilt Breathalyzer

Homemade Digital Thermometer

DIY Arduino Cowboy Dueling Game.

HomeBuilt QuadCopter Using A Hacked Wii Controller For Gyro.

Solderslingers Marquee Scrolling Digital Clock Demo

Full exploding high-five glove video.

How to Video

Demonstration Video

Misa Digital Stringless Kitara Guitar

Gameboy Pocket VGA Adapter

Original Video

Updated Full Screen Video

Homemade Snow Plow For SUV

Setting custom White Balance - Digital Camera

Circuit Bent FM3 Chan Fang by Circuit Ben

'kid-e-log' Prototype Demonstration

Introducing Word Lens

Test of Word Lens real-time translation

Arduino Diecimila (Eye-Movement Bot)

Banjo Made From Recycled Wood and a Tuna Fish Can

Multi-point touch on Linux/X11