Sunday, February 20, 2011

NEScorder Demonstration (DIY Device Built For Recording and Playing Back NES Gameplay on Original Hardware)

RC Homemade Hovercraft

Homebrew British Style Guitar Tube Amp

TM-1 Infrared Light (Homemade,Battery Operated Infared Device for Camcorders)

Vehicle Tracking - Homemade Project

DIY Wood Stove Made from Cans

Escher´s Waterfall Illussion (?)

Kikkerland 's DIY Music Box Demo

The Music Box

Click on the song titles to hear and see some videos made with the music box in action

1)Harry Potter - Hedwig's Theme on a Music Box

2) "Clocks" by Coldplay

3)Tetris theme

4)Lady Gaga -Paparazzi

5)Aphex Twin Avril 14th

6)"The Office" theme song

7)Pokemon center theme song

Rear View Girls - Los Angeles (Social Experiment by Using a Camcorder Installed to the Back Side of Jeans to Record Reactions)

Proof Of Concept

Installation Explanation


BrainDriver - A Device that Allows you to Control A Car With your Mind Waves

TGMY EV Himiko -A Classic Looking Car With A Green Twist (550km On A Single Charge)