Sunday, December 12, 2010

3D without glasses, Cross-Eye

GamingModz Custom Controller Review

UnderWater Fishing Robot-Tool

Homemade RC Hovercraft

Magnesium Graphite Voltaic Pile

Potato Gun Made out of a PVC Pipe , a Plastic Bottle and a Spark Lighter

DIY flex sensor gloves for possible VR or video game control

Sound And Lights Added to a Toy Locomotive (Самодельный DCC декодер)

Tron Christmas Lights illusion

AR.Drone Controlled by an iPod Touch Review

20 Science Tricks For Christmas Parties

First Ten

Another Ten

DIY DJ Mixer

Homemade Mini Robot UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle)

Qi Hardware's Ben NanoNote: open to the bone device

Doubell DIY Machines

M6 Block Making Machine

Dog-Bone Paver Machine