Friday, February 25, 2011

Light Control Mirror Switches Between Transparent and Reflective States (English Text Subtiltes - Mixed English and Japanese Audio)

Arduino Powered Mini Tanks

RP5 Tank Tread Robot On Arduino

To See More Videos Click on the Text Links Below

Arduino Tamiya tank Driven Wirelessly From a Web Page (Italian Audio)

Arduino controlled tank robot with Ping Ultrasonic sensor aka Fred the Robot

Basic Arduino Tank Prototype Using Pololu RP Chassis And a Ping Sonar Range Finder also known as Rotob

Autonomous Web Camera Motion Capture Laser Turret Sentry Kills EL Wire Butterfly

Awesome Homemade Airgun (Arma Caseira)

Two More Shooting videos. Click on the text Below

1)Shot with 20 mm pipe

2)Shot with Homemade Silencer

Description Video (Audio in Portuguese)

Meet Monster 555

DIY Mini Stevenson Screen (Weather Instrument Shelter)

DIY Geiger-Müller Counter (Regulated High Voltage, 1-Wire Interface)

Prototype of the Device (Audio in French)

How to Make a HAWT Mini Wind Turbine (Horizontal-Axis Wind Turbine)

Click Below to see a demonstration of the turbine working and an updated video of it

The Turbine Working

Updated Footage of the Mini Turbine

The Green Grease Project at MIT (Biodiesel Program Executed in Brazil)

Thunderbolt (aka Lightpeak) Demonstration

Click on the text below to see videos of experts talking about Thunderbolt technology

Intel Engineering Director Aviel Yogev on Thunderbolt I/O technology

Nathan Brookwood (Analyst,Insight 64) on What makes Intel Thunderbolt Revolutionary

Sigma Natural Interface - An Easy Way To Control Web Browsers via Kinect (OpenNI Developer Challange Submission)

Old Slide Projector Turned into Video Projector Using a small LCD Screen Instead of Slides