Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lunar Bling, Bling (NASA and Goodyear's Spring Tires)

Kinect Hacks of the Day

Kinect Windows 7 Mouse Control V2 Demo

Kinect used to control spot light on a stage

Kinect to GarageBand

Home Made MAYHEM

Insane Handheld Hybrid Spud Cannon

Hydrochloric acid bomb

How to Make: Newspaper Smoke Bombs

Towards an Assistive Robot that Autonomously Performs Bed Baths for Patient Hygiene

Making a shim with a beer can and DIY CNC

Cheap Charge Controller, 115 VAC, NO Battery

High Speed Photography 101 by Pennywhistle Productions

Remote Control Snow Blower - Blizzarator

Electric Snowblower

Jet Powered Snow Blower

Snow Blower Air Jet Shovel