Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Epic Christmas Lights by Lights of Nazareth

Music Box Dancer

34th St

Reflections of Earth

Jingo Jango

Kinect Hacks of the Day

Merging Multiple 3D Realities with the Kinect Camera

Pc Kinect: Background deletion and depth interaction

OpenNI Ogre3D Sinbad example using Kinect

Surveyor Robot Software Demo

LEGO Mindstorms NXT Gyroscope

El Dorado DIY Metal Detector

Popsicle Toy Robot Car

Controlling a R2D2 (Lego MindStorms NXT) robot with Windows Phone 7

Kazam Review - Linux Free Screen Recorder

Extraordinary DIY Musical Instruments

Rubber Glove bagpipe

Homemade Trumpet

PVC Compact Modular Didgeridoo

Knitting machine - Homemade Mk2