Monday, February 28, 2011

Lol Shield Theatre (Creating Animations For Arduino's LOL Shield By Using A Simple Website Application)

Animating A Piece of Paper By Using Nitinol Memory Wire Taped to it

Security Bot 1


Getting on the Docking Station For Recharge

Make an iPad/iPod/iPhone Stylus for Free.

Remote Controlled Camera Tripod

Video Taken With The Camera Mounted on the Tripod

The 555 Timer Chip SliderSynth + Star Trek Theme Performance

5 Cool Reuses of Dead Hard Drives

Rotary Sander

Click on the Text Below to See More Hard Drives Reused

2)Tape Dispenser

3) LED POV Clock

4)Scratch Pad

Hard Drive Speaker

DIY Converted Gasoline Scooter Into Electric (Audio Lithuanian)

Effortless Wheelchair For Mobility (Student's 3rd year project at Ngee Ann Polytechnic)

GhostBusters DIY Gear

Proton Pack

Ghost Trap

PKE (Psycho Kinetic Energy) Meter

Pedal Powered Automatic Graffiti Rainbow Machine

Pencil Lead Container LED Light Construction