Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Thumb wrestling machine

DIY Laser Projector

Man-Powered Sugar Cane Juice Machine From Trinidad

Homemade Arc Light

Duct Tape PVC Potato Cannon

Water Rocket Launching

John Deere Walking Tractor

In the Forest

In the Forest II

Handling Inside a Building

DIY LiteRing Chroma Key

How to hack your flashlight for 5$

DIY Taser in a Stridex Container

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Xmas with Balancing Robots

Kinect Hacks of the Day

Invisibility on Kinect

Autonomous Corridor Flight of a UAV using the Kinect Sensor

American Sign Language Recognition using Kinect Skeleton features

Basic autonomous navigation using the Xbox Kinect on the iRobot Create

Hand Held Insect Zapper Boost


Echo The Quadrotor Pianist in Concert (A Happy Quadrotor New Year!)

$10 RC Car / Breadboard Robot

Make an electroscope with two balloons

DIY LED matrix in 32x32 configuration

Arduino+NanoNote Serial Communication Demonstration

Face Wiping with a Soft Robot Hand

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lights of Nazareth - Aggie War Hymn

Meet Opera 11

DIY Weed Eater Motor Bicycle

Homebuilt Breathalyzer

Homemade Digital Thermometer

DIY Arduino Cowboy Dueling Game.

HomeBuilt QuadCopter Using A Hacked Wii Controller For Gyro.

Solderslingers Marquee Scrolling Digital Clock Demo

Full exploding high-five glove video.

How to Video

Demonstration Video

Misa Digital Stringless Kitara Guitar

Gameboy Pocket VGA Adapter

Original Video

Updated Full Screen Video

Homemade Snow Plow For SUV

Setting custom White Balance - Digital Camera

Circuit Bent FM3 Chan Fang by Circuit Ben

'kid-e-log' Prototype Demonstration

Introducing Word Lens

Test of Word Lens real-time translation

Arduino Diecimila (Eye-Movement Bot)

Banjo Made From Recycled Wood and a Tuna Fish Can

Multi-point touch on Linux/X11

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kinect Hacks of the Day

MikuMikuDance with OpenNI (Kinect) test

Kinect Robot Follower

Kinect + ROS

MSI iTouch mouse

How a quartz watch works

The Sounds of Star Wars Book

iPad Case with Keyboard

iCub Robot (2nd year review demo of the EU FP7 CHRIS project- Presentation of touching, grasping, tapping)

Homemade Trancas Doll WebCam

DIY Pong Game

Electric RC Hovercraft

Homemade 4 Stroke Petrol Engine

Wednesday, December 15, 2010